The First-Ever Account of Dieting the Revered Shamanic Plant Brugmansia aka Toé / Datura A personal account of the use of the Brugmansia plant, commonly known as “Toé,” is revealed. The plant is native of the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes, where it’s highly revered among shamans. Despite its popularity, the ingestion of this plant is surrounded by many justified taboos due to its toxicity and many dangers.

Javier Regueiro worked and studied intensively with this unique Plant Teacher deep in the Amazon in 2005 for five months and again in 2019. These experiences have been essential in his shamanic apprenticeship, as well as a profound personal healing and spiritual process. In “The Toé / Datura Diaries” these experiences are shared in great detail through journal entries from both shamanic dietas as well as extensive commentary on those experiences. While this book is not intended as a DIY manual for ingesting either the Toé or any other potentially risky plants, it does provide a very detailed overview and intimate glimpse into both the traditional practice of dieting medicinal plants. The commentary and insights provided are designed to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the time and effort invested in the profound healing process plant medicines provide.

This captivating tale presents an honest and vulnerable journey into the wisdom and medicines of the Amazon jungle. The many challenges faced by the author along the way ultimately led to profound healing and expansion from engaging with this powerful Plant Teacher.


San Pedro/Huachuma: Opening The Pathways Of The Heart” is an invitation to explore and reconnect with our inner landscapes with the help of San Pedro, also known in South America as Huachuma. San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a psychoactive cactus native of the Andes, but more importantly it’s an ancestral medicine that has been used for millennia for healing and ceremonial purposes.

Our Western psychic and psychological make-up differs radically from that of Andean people, and our needs as modern people differ just as much from the needs of the ancestors and inhabitants of this land. This book intends to bridge such cultural gap in ways that honor the wealth of wisdom gathered through centuries of native studies and experimentation, and at the same time address our present-day state of emotional disconnection and spiritual confusion, which are at the root of most physical, emotional, and mental diseases.

Javier draws a comprehensive and practical map for exploring consciousness using this ancestral medicine by sharing from his extensive knowledge as a plant medicine person, his personal experiences, and those of the many people he has guided over the years using this medicine.


More and more people from all walks of life and spiritual and religious backgrounds feel drawn to Ayahuasca in often surprising ways. In “Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle,” author Javier Regueiro offers a guide for those new to the use of this powerful medicine that originates in the Amazon rainforest.

Javier not only provides general information about Ayahuasca, but he bridges the cultural gap between the native and the current use of Ayahuasca by Westerners. This guide offers background about this plant medicine, its history, and how to engage with and learn through its use. It includes stories of Javier’s personal experience of transformation, as well as stories from those he’s guided in ceremonies.

Addressed to the ever-increasing number of people who approach this medicine for their own personal healing and development, this guidebook provides clear and practical advice on how to use this therapeutic modality in a fashion that is meaningful to modern people for a maximum of benefit.


“A Greater Gift of Love” includes the original writings from “A Gift of Love,” published in 2019, plus many more texts that were written in June and July of 2019 after a shamanic dieta with the Toé plant, Brugmansia Suaveolens, in the Amazon jungle and again in the first weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic in March and April of 2020.

This is truly a gift of love from the author as well as everybody involved in this project. It is also a gift of love from all the energies whose wisdom has inspired many of these writings.

This is a collection of mystical poems and humorous, irreverent, and insightful tales about the challenges and rewards of a spiritual life that is not intended as an escape from the world but as a way of embracing more fully the human experience. Ultimately, they are about the joy of coming home to oneself. This book contains the B, C, and F words as well as explicit references to eroticism and sometimes-illegal drug use, but it is also full of humor, which is often the best of medicines.


Javier Regueiro and artist Nathalia Suizu have teamed up to share poems, stories, and paintings related to their spiritual and healing journeys. This little hardcover book is a bedside table source of inspiration, food for thought, and humor.

“A Gift Of Love” is beautifully illustrated with 20 full-page paintings by Nathalia Suizu and complemented with sometimes irreverent but always meaningful writings by Javier Regueiro, it hopes to bring new breath to spiritual literature for modern-day seekers of all persuasions.