The Desert Tarot is a set of 22 Major Arcana and is for the time being available as a phone App for both iOS and Android. Unlike any oracle ever dreamt of, the Desert Tarot is a recently re- discovered tarot deck from the early XXI century that many believed was the channeled wisdom of the Spirit of the Land where the Eternal Flame’s Rainbow City was built and then pulled apart each year. Its uncanny resemblance to other desert gatherings is purely coincidental and, if anything, further proof of the existence of parallel realities.

With amazing images co-created with Eugenia Werner and humorous but profound wisdom, it will delight and guide you through the unfathomable mystery of Life. The Eternal Flame’s Desert Tarot will make you laugh and remind you of important lessons learnt at the Rainbow City but so easily forgotten away from the Playa. It carries in both aesthetics and essence many of the treasures of psychedelic wisdom of our times to inspire you every day of the year.

Parental Advisory: this irreverent bunch of Tarot cards contains repeated profanities, the F and B words, mention of various consciousness-altering substances, and a long list of Playa clichés with no redeeming or edifying value whatsoever. (But to quote this Tarot’s Card VIII/Flaming Temple: “The most profane is the preferred hiding place of the Sacred.”) For mature audiences with a sense of humor only. Read and use at your own risk.