For the first time a bona fide plant medicine Maestro living and working in Peru and yet with a Western background is openly speaking about his field of work. research, and insights through weekly podcasts. This series of podcasts, “Plant Medicine Transmissions,” features weekly talks on a wide range of topics, including plant medicine, healing, spirituality, and ancestral wisdom. The primary goal of these podcasts is to support the increasing number of people interested in exploring their inner lives but who often feel overwhelmed and confused by the sheer quantity of options available these days. 

As an advocate for the safe and discerning engagement with these medicines, Javier will be sharing from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gathered through his many years of experience working with Peruvian plant medicines and supporting clients from all over the world, as well as from his personal healing and spiritual journey. 

All podcasts and talks are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

The podcasts are in sequential order and we recommend that you listen to them accordingly. The music at the beginning of each episode is from the song “Rosa” by Rainer Sheurenbrand from the album “Diosana” and is used with kind permission of the artist.

The podcasts are free: the best way for appreciative listeners to support these podcasts is by buying copies of Javier’s books.